Should I Attempt To Sell My Home Without A Broker?

by Las Sendas Homes on January 7, 2012

Many property owners ponder whether they’d be far better off attempting to sell their home on their own as opposed to using a realtor or real estate brokerage. There are a considerable number of benefits and disadvantages that go with selling your own property. It is critical that you understand the home selling process in order for you to determine if it is best for you or a real estate agent to sell it:


One of the finest things about selling your own property is the incontrovertible fact that you do not have to pay any real-estate commissions to an agent. Real estate agents will take a commission from the sale of your house but selling it yourself guarantees that you get all the proceeds of the sale.

Should I sell my home without a RealtorWorking to sell your own property means you can be very selective with who you sell the home to. You can decide if you’d like to sell it to this person or if another person will give you a better offer for the home. Laws are dissimilar on this from state to state and it would not hurt to consult a lawyer on the actual laws in your state.

Selling your own place means you are able to set your own price on the home instead of having it priced by a real estate agent. Seeing as you do not have to stress about commissions you can sell your home for a lower price which may help you to sell quicker.


One main flaw to selling your own place is the fact that selling a home is a complicated process. There are lots of legal questions that need to be handled and you might find you’ve got no clue in regards to what you must do to sell the house. Working with an agent will ensure that the process runs smoothly.

Selling your own property can be really stressful especially if you’re attempting to do everything on your own. Advertising in local magazines and papers, staging and showing your house, calling potential customers and doing the million and one other items that go into selling a home will take it out of you and you may find that you do not have the time to do everything.

You’ll need to find information on the potential buyer, such as credit history, if they can take out a loan and a number of other things which will have you running around. Real-estate agents are fantastic at handling all of these details and you may find that working with a real estate agent will make the process a good deal simpler.

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