Obtain More Business Opportunities Employing This Facebook Real Estate Marketing System

by Las Sendas Homes on January 26, 2012

One of the greatest vehicles that we have utilized for our own real estate marketing efforts is Facebook. When properly implemented, agents and brokers should expect to produce a large amount of leads plus generate a massive following. However, there exists a huge difference between just collecting “likes” for your page and actually converting traffic into leads.

Ideally, you ought to point prospective buyers from the Facebook website to one of your own lead capture mechanisms. This helps to ensure that everybody enters your funnel, where you’ll be able to build relationships and ultimately generate income. Although the timing of each technique varies, the aim is still the same. Today we shall briefly study our foreclosure based Facebook real estate marketing system.

Using this model, there are a few lead capture components which are used through the entire process. At first, a prospect will land on your Facebook page where they’re immediately presented with an offer to “like” the content in return for a thorough foreclosure search. The majority of folks consider this to be a pretty fair trade, since the tab instantly presents high quality results upon selection.

One service we personally love to use for this is Realbird. Or you can certainly include your own IDX search into the process to generate equivalent results. In order to create a personalized landing tab, you need to download the “Static Iframe” application via Facebook, which will allow you to post your own custom html.

Utilizing this Facebook real estate marketing system, a buyer will have the choice to ask for a lot more info on specific properties by filling in their contact information at the bottom of each listing. For that reason, you have now collected at least a “like” to your page, and perhaps a subscriber also.

For people who do not inquire about any of the properties, an even more progressive technique is recommended. To begin with, you will want to send a very brief and friendly personal message to your new fans welcoming them to the page.

This needs to be kept short and simple. First, thank every person for “liking” your page, and next inquire if they’d be interested in attaining more real estate marketing updates by email. You may also try to find out what specifics they are looking for, so you can add them to a VIP list.

Those who do not consent to these email messages need to still be followed up with, however. The ultimate way for carrying this out is to publish frequent updates. Try out different approaches with this method, like submitting particular listings, news, tips along with other trends.

Clearly show your audience that you truly care, and over time they could learn to warm up to you. For even more info on how you can apply this and other lead generation ideas, visit us at Real Estate Marketing today!

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