Property Lease

by Las Sendas Homes on March 12, 2012

If you rent a property, the rent is normally not more than the similar properties in the area. In case your apartment has been renovated the rule does not apply.

Rent Assessment Committee
If you as a tenant has complaints about your landlord, for example due to a high rent, you should contact first the rent assessment committee in your municipality before you go to the property court. The rent assessment committee is represented in all municipalities. It costs 121 DKK (2007) to bring the matter to the rent assessment committee.

All complaints must be send with ordinary mail enclosing documents explaining the case. The documents could be a copy of lease contract or the landlord ´s notice about the rent increase. When the rent assessment committee has received your complaint, they will send a letter to your landlord about the matter. The landlord has 2 weeks to respond. Review and decission of the case will be made by the rent assessment committee afterwards.

Rent Increase
The landlord should not just raise the rent. If a landlord makes improvements on a property he can increase the monthly rent. In most municipalities, the rent is regulated according to how much expenses the property rental has. If property tax and heating cost etc is raising, the landlord can increase the rent.

If a tenant has been renting for less than 2 years or its less than 2 years since the rent was increased, then the landlord is usually not allowed to raise the rent. Rent increase, is usually after three months notice. You receive a letter from landlord explaining rent increase and amount.

In case you disagree to the rent increase demanded by the landlord, you need to write the landlord within 6 weeks. Should the landlord still want to keep the rent increase he can report to the property court within 6 weeks after the tenant´s deadline. The property court is the Municipal Court in the locality.

Rent Increase For The Entire Property
If you live in a big property where you have a resident´s representative, the landlord shall contact the representative prior to the rental increase, if the cost is more than 20 kr. m2. Any planned improvements and maintenance has to be reported to the resident representative with estimated time scale and specifications. The resident representative have three weeks to convey this information to the other residents in the property.

It is normal for landlords in the private buildings to require a deposit when renting out a property. A deposit is a kind of security for the landlord as tenant is obliged to take care of the lease, then the landlord may repair any damage caused by the tenant when moving out. Property deposit can only go up or down according to the monthly rent. When the tenant moves from the property, the landlord determines its requirements and pay the balance of the deposit to the tenant. 3 months rent is the maximum deposit.

Prepaid rent
The landlord may require that you as a tenant shall pay a prepaid rent. Prepaid rent is regulated only for the rent increase, and prepaid rent must not exceed three months rent. The amount is calculated to pay the rent in the last month of tenancy.

Complaints procedure
If you wish to complain about your landlord, your rent, etc., you can complain to the rent assessment committee. Contact your municipality to find the local rent assessment committee in your locality. If you are not satisfied with the decision, you can bring your case to the property court.

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