Genuine Wooden Floors – Maintaining A Wooden Floor

by Las Sendas Homes on January 20, 2012

No matter if you reside in a large mansion, a compact semi-detached home or perhaps a petite studio apartment, choosing a wood floor can add a little timeless elegance to your residence. But having a wood floor calls for good care and proper upkeep to maintain your asset in immaculate condition. Therefore whether you currently own a wooden floor or hope to have one fitted, it’s usually a good idea to get clued up on the best way to go about looking after it.

Be Wary Of Dust
Day-to-day dirt, dust and grit will be a few of the most common enemies of hardwood flooring. They could abrade wood, chafing away its sleek finish and damaging its natural splendor. In order to keep dirt at bay, make sure you invest in some heavy foot mats and put them at all entryways to your home, especially the front door.

It’s also very important to establish a regular cleaning regime whereby you brush or vacuum away dirt and grit from your wooden floor. When using a vacuum cleaner, avoid a revolving brush accessory because it can also abrade wood. You could further reduce the occurrence of dirt by mopping your floor surfaces with a well-wrung damp mop.

Cushion Furniture
On the subject of wood floors, dirt is not the only issue that you need to control. Household furniture, busy feet and even sharp little paws can all wear down your gorgeous floors over time; nevertheless, you will be able to take control of these factors pretty easily.

Floor protectors or felt pads placed under furniture legs can avoid scrapes when moving items in the house. It’s also very important to lift instead of drag pieces of furniture if you can to avoid leaving scratches on the floor. In high traffic areas such as your hall, kitchen and reception rooms, you can further practice damage-control by placing throw rugs. In terms of shoes and boots, wear flat shoes instead of sharp heels on hardwood flooring to stop any scratchy incidents. And do keep your pet’s nails trimmed short for good measure.

Regulate Sunlight Exposure
If you’re seriously committed to continuing to keep your floor surfaces looking gorgeous, you’ll want to keep an eye on the level of sunlight falling on them. An excessive amount of sunlight may cause hardwood flooring to fade, pucker or become discoloured. However, you can very easily regulate the level of sunlight coming in by installing curtains or blinds on your windows. Should you feel like splurging out a bit, you can even have your windows coated with UV protection to reduce sun damage.

Minimize Moisture
Your wood floors can also be prone to moisture damage; too much of it may spell trouble, resulting in pest attacks and dry rot. It’s possible to eliminate this risk just by using well-wrung-out mops when cleaning. Any liquid spills should be cleaned up quickly and if at all possible, a dehumidifier should really be used inside your own home in very humid weather.

Show Some Tender Loving Care
Now that you know the essentials of taking care of your wood floors, you can go the extra mile and make sure your floor surfaces are kept adequately sealed and finished. You need to keep the seal topped up on a regular basis – whether it is wax, polish, oil or lacquer. It will make certain that the true beauty of this beautiful asset shines through always.

Looking after your oak flooring really is quite an easy task, when you get used to things. A little bit of initiative from you should leave your residence looking truly stunning. Plus, the value it adds to your home’s resell value is the perfect cherry on the top.

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