Las Sendas Home Inventory At Very Low Level

by Las Sendas Homes on June 18, 2012

Low inventory in the Las Sendas areaLas Sendas is like many Phoenix area communities in that there is hardly anything for sale. As of this writing there are only 37 homes for sale in Las Sendas which is the lowest level I can think of in recent memory. There are only 12,500 homes for sale on the MLS in the whole Phoenix metro area! I can say it’s been YEARS since our home inventory has been so low.

As you can imagine this creates quite a quandary for buyers and also appraisers. Prices are going up and they are going up so quickly homes going under contract are not appraising. If you have cash this might not be a problem but if you are financing it creates big issues.

Of the 37 homes in Las Sendas currently for sale 11 are priced under $400K, 10 are $400K to $700K, 5 are $700K to a million and the remaining are priced at over 1 million dollars. That means only 26 homes are currently for sale in Las Sendas priced at under 1 million dollars!

Being a Realtor that works with alot of buyers I really hope we get some more inventory on the market in the near future. One good things is now that prices are going up, and quickly I might add, homeowners that have been underwater and unable to sell can once again afford to sell if they need to or want to. Once this becomes more common knowledge hopefully we will get more listings on the market. Until then it’s pretty slim pickins if you are wanting to buy a home in the Phoenix area.

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