Here Are Some Useful Tips When Selling Your Home

by Las Sendas Homes on May 7, 2012

Sell your Phoenix homeIs your home on the market, priced right and not selling? Take a look at this list of things to do… might help with the sale.

  • First and foremost spend the $300 – $400 to have your home professionally “deep” cleaned. We aren’t talking about the normal house cleaning. Picture how your room looks when you walk into a high end hotel… that is the kind of clean we are talking about. Buyers will notice.
  • Spend the money to have all your windows cleaned inside and out (or do it yourself). Before buyers come for a showing make sure all blinds are open to let as much natural light in and the windows will sparkle!
  • If exterior and interior walls are showing wear get a complete interior and exterior paint job. It will cost a few bucks, painting isn’t cheap, but this almost always triggers buyers. At the very least paint the exterior side of your front entry door.
  • As always.. de-clutter your home. If you have too, rent a storage facility and remove “all” personal and non-essential items. You will be surprised what this little difference alone makes.

Follow these simple steps and if your home is priced correctly, the offers should start coming in!

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