Las Sendas Real Estate Market Update For Mid Year 2011

by Las Sendas Homes on August 17, 2011

Las Sendas real estate market updateWow has there been residential real estate activity in Las Sendas this year. It is a large community but when I recently pulled up 2011 figures I was surprised. Lets go ahead and dive right in.

As of August 16th there are 64 homes for sale in the Arizona MLS. These range in price from $129,00 for a small bank owned home that needs repair all the way up to 4.2 million for a high end luxury home.

There are currently 12 homes listed as “AWC”. These homes are for sale but taking back up offers only. This is typical of short sales, they want back up offers in case the original offer walks they have something to fall back on. Since a short sale often takes 2 – 3 months the original offering party moves on to something else.

There are 16 homes listed as “Pending” which will most likely close in the next few days to the next couple of weeks.

Now for the big, very surpising number. A whopping 154 houses have sold since January 1!! That really surprised me. Sales ranged form $99,000 up to 2.15 million. Average sold price per square foot in the entire Las Sendas development for the year is $134. Of the sold homes 32 were lender owned properties and 38 were short sales.

Real estate values in the Las Sendas community seem to be holding steady and the future is looking good. Hopefully over the next 6 – 12 months we actually start to see a slight increase in price.

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