5 Smart Tips for Buying A Home!

by Las Sendas Homes on October 28, 2013

Buying a home can certainly seem a bit overwhelming. Ever wish you hand some inside tips that could possibly make the whole process go much more smoothly? Now you do. Here’s 5 smart inside tips about buying a home, picked up through hard earned experience. Enjoy!

Buying a Las Sendas home1. Don’t Move Your Money Around Before You Buy

When you are looking for the best possible home loan, one of the key things the lender is going to look at is stable finances. This makes perfect sense because the last thing they want to see is erratic or unpredictable behavior on your part. Can you blame them? Avoid opening new credit cards, charging big price items or any similar actions before going in for your home loan. All of these things will make your recent credit history seem much less sound.

2. Get Pre-Approved for Your Loan

Now don’t confuse pre-qualified and pre-approved. Pre-qualified really doesn’t mean much of anything and nearly anyone can get it. Being pre-approved for a home loan means that your financial record has been looked over thoroughly and they are ready to give you the money. The importance of this is you will know exactly what you can and can’t afford. This will save you time and possibly heart ache looking at homes which are outside of your budget. Don’t underestimate what a big benefit this is – it’s pretty huge!

3. Don’t Obsess About the Housing Market

Buy a home when you are ready. Trying to time the housing market is an exercise in frustration for the vast majority of us. Buy your home when you feel you are ready based on your own situation rather than the sometimes unpredictable housing market.

4. Always Hire a Home Inspector

Probably the most foolish thing you could do before buying a home is to not have it looked over by a trained professional. The last thing you want is some very expensive surprises to rear their ugly heads six months down the road. Whatever small amount you invest in a home inspector has the potential to save you a great, great deal of money, stress and headaches. When buying a home, like many things in life, knowledge is power and there’s few better ways to increase your knowledge about every aspect of the house than bringing in an expert.

5. Walk the Neighborhood

The home may be perfect, but how is the neighborhood? You are going to live their and possibly raise a family in the environment! Check out the local schools if you have or are planning to have children. Take a long walk in the neighborhood during the day and more importantly at night. Swing by on the weekends and see if there’s loud neighbors partying. Again the more you know the better. For some of us these things hardly matter, but for others they can be a real deal breaker!

With these tips in hand you are well prepared to buy a home! Good luck!

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