Play Golf At The Stunning Las Sendas Golf Course

by Las Sendas Homes on October 5, 2011

Las Sendas Golf Club in Mesa Arizona constantly ranks in the list of the top 10 golf courses in the Phoenix/Scottsdale region. While the Phoenix area is packed with an incredible variety of spectacular golf courses Las Sendas holds its own against any other course.

Las Sendas is demanding which raises the risks and the rewards. Its desert location is both stunning and authentic and although some holes are in the vicinity of Las Sendas homes this is the closest that a golf fan can get to playing in the desert. In fact many golfers describe the experience of enjoying a golf game at the Las Sendas golf course as playing in the middle of the Saguaro National park.

The 5 star course with its quick greens can be daunting and the towering Saguaro cacti which are considered the symbol Las Sendas golf courseof the southwest simply add to the perception of the toughness of the Las Sendas golf course. Another amazing aspect about Las Sendas is that every hole you play promises breath taking and unique views. So regardless of whether your shots are not to your liking you’ll without any doubt be too excited by the views to mind 1 or 2 bad ones.

The enjoyable experience of playing golf at Las Sendas defines every unique aspect of playing golf in the Phoenix region. Conveniently located a mere half hour from the Phoenix Airport Las Sendas has been included in the list of top 100 golf courses you can play in the nation. It has additionally been promoted as the #1 course in Arizona by the Phoenix Business Journal since it opened its doors.

With the stunning desert setting, the awesome mountains close by and top quality facilities there is something for everybody on this course. This is Arizona golf at its very best so whether you are here with a bunch of clients you need to impress or are anticipating enjoying an enjoyable game of golf with your friends Las Sendas won’t disappoint.

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